About Me

Norwich Cathedral at dusk lite up in orange light

About Me, Too Loud, Too Often

Welcome, I’m Martin Giddings a photographer based in East Anglia. I’ve been fortunate to use many different types of equipment over the years. If you’re here looking for my wedding photography page, please visit mgiddings.com. Everything else begins on my blog page. You can browse my images and read my posts I’ve shared there.

So how did this all start?

I remember my sister and I rolling down a hill in long grass and laughing together. We were a farming family and our crop had failed and my father had to take a job transporting highly unstable nitroglycerine explosive in a wagon. He bought me my first camera with his wages. That might have actually been an episode of “Little House on the Prairie”.

Actually, to tell you the truth, this all started when I was early for work. That’s it. As I was first to arrive I was sent on a photography course and the rest is history. Not a great story. But it’s true.

What didn’t happen (but I’ve read many times on photography pages) is this. My grandfather give me my first film camera and I learnt to love photography from him.

Don’t believe me? Open up Google type this in “grandfather gave me my first camera” and see what you get. Replace grandfather with grandmother and you get even more results.

Nor will you find anywhere on this website any quote’s from Ansel Adams or any other well known photographers.

I love the cinema, my dog, eating and drinking. Apparently, I’m an outgoing introvert, who knew? Dodger also likes eating, drinking, walks and sleeping in bed with me, wrapped around my feet. Dodger has two rules. If it smells nice, wee on it. If is smells horrible, roll in it.

I get excited when I get to use a new sponge for the washing up.

Obviously, I do genuinely have a love of photography. I’ve used professionally:

  • Canon
  • Nikon
  • Pentax
  • Fujifilm
  • Olympus

Not that I couldn’t find a camera and stick to it but just because I loved cameras.

Well, I think that’s enough of this. Want to know anything else, drop me a message.