Thurne Mill in Norfolk at sunset

Work in Progress

Fate made me a photographer!

I arrived early at work one afternoon. I was just lucky with the traffic that day. I was literally the first person through the door. For that alone, I was awarded with a photography course a few months later and I was to tell no one else about it. Apart from PTSD, that’s all my old job ever did for me.

After a complete change of career, I moved into IT for a short time. It turned out I was pretty good at it. I then moved into professional photography and found my IT skills came in very handy creating websites and SEO!

I’ve created this website for pleasure and maybe a rant now and then. All my 35mm equipment I’ve packed away. Currently, I’m using a Fuji X-H1 with a single Fuji 35 f2 WR prime lens. The equivalent of a standard 50mm prime lens. Less is more.

I don’t intend to produce a masterpiece each time I press the shutter. I’m going to be serious and frivolous. At this stage, I don’t even know what I want to photograph moving forward. The coast has been calling me and I’ve been creating a lot of black and white images recently.

Most of all, I want to get back to taking photographs for pleasure, just for me.

Page last updated 24/02/2020