Thornham coal barn on the Norfolk Coast photographed in black and white.
Thornham Coal Barn

How This Started

I started my career in photography by pure fate. Driving into work one afternoon everything was going in my favour! No red lights and no traffic jams. I arrived early. I walked into the office and was rewarded for being the first in by being offered a photography course. I had always been interested in photography so I jumped at the chance.

A few months later I had a great time (also drunk a lot) and was eager to learn as much as possible about photography. That let me enter a whole new world at work. I should write a book.

Four years later I left my job and moved into professional photography. These days, I also still enjoy photography and will take photographs professionally and for enjoyment.

Since those early beginnings, I’ve spent a small fortune on camera equipment. That should be a familiar line for most photographers.

Where I Am Today

Things seem to come full circle, I recently purchased an old Canon 40D DSLR and an 18-55 Canon kit lens to see how using an old camera in 2024 would work out. Now I have also added a Canon 24mm f2.8 pancake lens. See my blog for the photographs.

I use 35mm full-frame Panasonic Lumix cameras and lenses for my professional work.

This website shares some of the eclectic photographs I have taken over time and more recently.

Bacton Woods in Norfolk
A naked model on SS100 Jaguar
Inside Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge