Happisburgh Lighthouse 1/500s f6.4 ISO 200

Happisburgh Lighthouse in Norfolk

Gobe Lens Filters

I’ve paid a couple of hundred pounds for a circular polarising filter in the past. If you need to cut out haze, reflections and increase saturation you have to use one.

I’d read about Gobe filters on the internet and was curious about how good they would be? I certainly didn’t want to pay a huge amount of money again for a CPL filter. My Fuji 35mm f2 prime lens has a filter size of just 43mm. That meant, a Gobe 43mm CPL filter would cost just £32! But how good could it be at that price?

Gobe Circular Polarising Filter CPL

Gobe CPL Filter

I also wanted a 10 stop ND filter for some long exposure images. A Gobe 43mm 10 Stop ND filter was a bargain £22. The filters arrived well packaged and in their own cardboard boxes. Inside the boxes were a filter cloth and a black round tin with a screw on lid with the actual filter well protected inside.

Gobe lens filters

Gobe Lens Filters

To be honest, I was sceptical about these filters. Both appeared to be well made. I wondered how I was going to identify each filter in my bag in identical black round tins. Gobe had thought of that and on the back of each tin was a label identifying the filter inside!

The Easy CPL Test

Examining the CPL filter, I held it up toward my PC monitor and slowly turned the filter around. I could see the image on the screen getting darker through the filter. The image on the monitor was then incompletely blocked out. That’s a good sign. The CPL filter removed the whole image. Poorly made CPL filters can’t do that.

At this point I guess it might be useful to say that Gobe Filters come with a lifetime guarantee. Secondly, I have no links to Gobe, I paid for these filters and I’ve not be asked to write this. I’m just sharing my experience with you.

Gobe CPL Filter

On Monday, I used the CPL filter for the first time at Happisburgh Beach. It was a very sunny day with a lot of white cloud. The image at the top has come out well. Great contrast, clarity and colour saturation. The CPL filter works exactly as it should and I’m very pleased with it. All for £32. All the images I took at Happisburgh on that day were taken with the CPL attached to then lens. You can see the post Norfolk Seascape Photography by clicking on the link.

Gobe 10 Stop ND Filter

I haven’t used the ND filter yet but will next week. Once I have, I’ll come back, add an example image and report on how well it worked.

Post last updated 13/02/2020

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