Godrevy Lighthouse

Godrevy Lighthouse

My first dSLR was the Nikon D70 with the 18-70 kit lens. I took this photograph on the 5th August 2007 at 8.38 pm, it wasn’t actually planned. But by fate (fate has played a big part in my photography), I was at Godrevy just at the right time.

A ten second exposure, f11 and ISO 200 with the camera sat on a bag to keep it steady. It’s a jpeg image, I wasn’t using raw files at that stage. I was soon using the cutting edge of image technology in the shape of Photoshop 7.

So, little did I know how camera technology would develop. I wonder where it’ll be in ten years time?

So, I’m adding this to my snapshots category.

Testing The Nikon D70 in 2007

The South Bank along the Thames at dusk

Two weeks later I was testing the Nikon D70 in London, shooting raw files. This image was captured at ISO 800. Quite something at the time. Colours were great, this was cutting edge camera technology!

Testing the Nikon D70 low light ability

Handheld at 1/20s, f2.8 and a crazy ISO 1600.

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