The Headpiece UEA Broad in Norfolk

What Do I Want to Photograph?

I knew today I was going to be staying in the warm, on the sofa, drinking tea, due to Storm Ciara!

Which is why, yesterday, feeling sorry for the dog, we decided to take him for a long walk around the UEA Broad in the late afternoon. I took the Fuji X-H1 and the 35 f2 as well. Last week, I had promised myself I would go out twice a week into Norfolk for photographs. Although I meant it at the time, well what can I say, the best-laid plans etc.

I wanted to see what I could find for the gallery to increase the picture count. Thanks to Henry Moore, a very blue sky above the Arts Centre and the architecture of the UEA’s “unique” concrete student accommodation, I managed to increase the gallery by three. Check out the 35 f2 gallery.

It suddenly dawned on me, I don’t really have a single “thing” I love to photograph. I’ve just been photographing everything. A jack of all trades and a master of none? At present, I’m happy to continue to do that.

I’ve never really photographed flowers or nature as I’ve never been interested in it. But I spotted the “plant” thing above. Sitting in a shaft of light. I’m drawn to symmetrical things. The photograph is a jpeg, straight out of camera. Not knowing what it is, I ran the image through “Goggle Images” to find out.

Google images thought it was a headpiece. As I don’t know what it is, I’m now calling it headpiece. A suitably pretentious artistic name.

I’ve no idea what direction I want to take my photography in?

Six Minutes Before Sunset

Sunset was at 5.53 pm yesterday and I grabbed a quick snap of the university from the other side of the lake at 5.48 pm, heading for the foot bridge before walking back to Cringleford.

Why, because of the reflection and the symmetry. I like symmetry. I like balance.

The UEA Broad in Norfolk.

I’ve been watching a few photography documentaries recently and I keep hearing Saul Leiter saying “find beauty in the mundane”.

I’m going to concentrate on photographing the Norfolk Coast for the next couple of weeks.

Post last updated 10/02/2020

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