Norfolk Landscape Photography – The Beginning

Landscape photography in Norfolk.

I have to admit that I was never that interested in photographing landscapes but recently I’ve been inspired to explore this genre of photography. As odd as it may seem, I was sat at home and it suddenly dawned on me where I live. I was a real Blackadder moment “hang on, I live in Norfolk”. It’s true, we rarely see what’s in front of our face. It means I’ve:

  • The North Norfolk coast.
  • The Broads.
  • The Fens.
  • Woodlands.
  • Those massive Norfolk skies.

Some people come here on holiday just to photograph where I live! Some will drive three hours just to create one image at dawn. Hence, I’m determined to take advantage and photograph Norfolk and show off the beauty of our county.

North Norfolk coast at dusk waves crashing on rocks.

Happisburgh Beach at Dusk

From early morning (we’ll see naturally an owl, not a lark) to the last thing at night and maybe beyond. I’m going to create a new gallery and blog about each image and location.

To be honest, there isn’t a lot that hasn’t been photographed in Norfolk. But that is the challenge. Being at a location in the right light, different angles and the editing.

Do Landscape Photographers Have a Sense of Humour?

I thought I would share with you the top two most common photographs taken in Norfolk of a decaying boat. All comments welcome.

The most photographed decaying boat in Norfolk.

Now the second most photographed image of a decaying boat in Norfolk in black and white.

The second most common decaying boat in Norfolk in black and white.

Today is Sunday the 21st June 2019. I begin today!

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