Using Micro43 Cameras for Wedding Photography

Using Micro43 Cameras for Wedding Photography

The micro43 camera sensor.

Maybe calling it “micro” wasn’t such a great idea.

Getting back to the question, yes you can. You don’t have to use a 35mm camera sensor to photograph weddings. You can use APH, APS and micro43 camera sensors very successfully. If you read the photography forums and the threads on them, you’ll find lots of armchair wedding photographers happy to give their advice to anyone willing to listen.

I strongly suspect some of these experts have never actually photographed a wedding professionally.

They go crazy if you’re not using a 35mm camera to capture weddings. In the next breath they’ll talk about digital noise and depth of field.

Not that long ago, anyone photographing weddings, not using a medium format film camera, wasn’t considered a real wedding photographer.

Who Is To Blame!

Modern day marketing has a big part to play in this misconception. Full frame is the term you’ll see written down not 35mm. Well psychologically “full frame” must be better than cropped or micro43 sensors. I mean it’s full! Full is full you can’t get better than full can you? It’s all very clever. You’re being conditioned you before you even think about it.

To be balanced and fair 35mm will give a shallower depth of field. With regards to that, who cares. As a wedding photographer, having that two times depth of field is an advantage.

For example if I’m taking a photograph on a 35mm camera and my shutter is at 1/125, aperture at f4 and ISO set to 3200. On my micro43 camera I’m at 1/125, aperture set to f2 and my ISO is at 800. Same depth of field, same exposure.

Photography is always about compromise, what you take from one setting you have to give back in another.

A bigger sensor will give you less digital noise than a smaller sensor at higher ISOs. Eight years ago, that was quite a big difference. In 2019 that difference isn’t as big anymore but it’s an undeniable fact.

Real Micro 43 Wedding Photographs

The following wedding photographs were shot by me at real weddings around Norfolk.

Yes there’s noise in photographs at 6400 and 12800 ISO when viewed at 100% on my computer screen (that would be the same for 35mm sensors). But what I see on my computer screen doesn’t translate into prints. As a plug for the EM1, it has the best auto white balance I’ve have ever used.

Here’s my true fact for this post.

Using a 35mm (full frame camera) camera doesn’t make you a professional wedding photographer, nor does using micro43 make you an unprofessional one.

Any dSLR or CSC camera can be used by a professional wedding photographer today to get great results at weddings. The choice of camera sensor will not have any part in the measure of your success.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying micro43 is the best camera for weddings. There isn’t a best. all I’m saying is you can use them, hold your head up high and be confident in your choice if that’s the one you make. The photographer makes the image not the camera. Be a photographer not a camera collector.

The following were all taken with the Olympus EM-1

Using micro43 cameras for professional wedding photography.

Using micro43 cameras for professional wedding photography.

Using micro43 cameras for professional wedding photography.

Gary Simpson has using micro 43 cameras as a professional wedding photographer for years.

You can see more of Gary’s wedding photography on his website at Gary Simpson Photography. What may surprise you even more is that Gary doesn’t shoot in RAW. He shoots in jpeg only.

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