The London Eye

Nikon D70

My first proper digital camera was a Nikon D70. Recently I’ve been looking at some of my old images, archived on hard drives. These¬† images were taken in 2007/8. I felt they deserved there own post to live on my website. The Nikon D70 was a great camera for me. It was however very quickly surpassed by newer cameras and then the Nikon D300 arrived! Then that was wiped out by the Nikon D700! It hasn’t stopped since. Had you told me that Sony were going to make a full frame mirrorless camera back then, well I wouldn’t have believed you!

The South Bank along the Thames at dusk

Graffiti on the Southbank in London.

Charing Cross Railway Station at dusk.

Testing the Nikon D70 low light ability

The Nikon D70 wasn’t the best camera in low light. But at the time it was quite something. This was handheld!

Post last updated 08/02/2020

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