Norfolk Seascape Photography

Happisburgh Beach in Norfolk

Norfolk Seascape Photography

Happisburgh Beach

Having such close access to the Norfolk Coast, gives me the opportunity to be able to carefully choose my moments to visit. Happisburgh is just 35 minutes in the car and £3.60 for three hours parking. Yesterday was looking pretty good. Bright blue sky with lots of cloud and the wind was blowing. Equipped with my Fuji X-H1 and my only lens, the Fuji 35 f2 (plus a Gobe CPL filter) I paid a visit.

It has been three years since I last photographed Happisburgh Beach.The conditions for photographing seascapes was perfect.

Sea erosion destroys large parts of the Norfolk Coast and none more so can this be seen than at Happisburgh Beach.

The dramatic Norfolk Coast

Destruction by the Sea at Happisburgh Beach

Norfolk Coast

The Relentless Sea Erosion at Happisburgh Beach

Happisburgh Beach coastal erosion.

Sea Erosion at Happisburgh Beach in Norfolk

My aim is to add more images to this blog post throughout the next couple of weeks from different locations on the Norfolk Coast. High tide next week is at 10.30 am approximately, I’ll be taking advantage of that fact!

Post last updated 12/02/2020

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