Norwich Cathedral at Dusk

Nearly a Good Shot

Norwich Cathedral at dusk.

Norwich Cathedral at Dusk

There are so many things that as a photographer you’ve no control over. We’re at mercy to the light and weather. We’re also at the mercy of repairs and renovation. So earlier on today, I planned to head to Mousehold Heath in the evening to photograph the cathedral at the blue hour. Sunset was at 8.17 PM and I arrived at exactly 8.20 PM and walked to the position I wanted to be to take the photograph I had envisaged in my head.

I set up the camera on the tripod with the 70-200 lens, aperture to f11 and 100 ISO. Adjusted the shutter to get the exposure I wanted. Took the shot. Looked at the image on the rear screen and then zoomed in to check the focus. Then the bain of my year so far appeared on the rear screen!

What I Saw On My LCD Screen!

Night shot ruined.

Scaffolding has been the curse that follows me this year. Everywhere I go there’s scaffolding around what I want to photograph!

I went to Lincoln four months ago. The cathedral was covered in extra, extra, extra scaffolding!

Lincoln Cathedral covered in scaffolding.

I went to Oxburgh Hall last month. The roof is covered in scaffolding and “special scaffolding” was being tested in the moat!

Oxburgh Hall covered in scaffolding.

I went to Blicking Hall a month ago. Can you guess what I found?

This only means one thing!

I’ll have to go back to Mousehold Heath after the repairs have been completed and try again. Who says landscape photography is easy. It would have been a nice shot otherwise.

At this point, I’m going to offer a pro tip. If you’re going out to photograph a magnificent vista in the next few weeks. Don’t invite me, it’ll be covered in scaffolding!

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