People You Met When Out Photographing

I’ve been struggling to find a photography project. I wanted to do something that I’d never tried before. I’ve stated in previous posts, I’ve been watching various photography videos on YouTube. A few days again I was watching a Ted Talk. This one:

You can see more from Mikael Theimer by clicking on his name. From this, seeds of an idea started to develop in my mind.

The video made perfect sense to me. So when photography at the beach yesterday, I took an opportunity to test this out.

John the Biologist

John a biologist on Happisburgh Beach

John – Biologist – Happisburgh Beach

This is John, he’s a biologist from Essex.

In 2016, walking along Clacton Beach, he noticed something and picked it up. It was shaped and smooth. It was clearly man made. Further investigation found it to be a neanderthal flint. From that find on a beach in 2016, he was inspired to keep looking and to find out more. He now travels when he can looking for more artefacts.

I asked what had been his greatest find so far? He told me it was the neanderthal flint from the beach at Clacton that first inspired him.

John now gives talks on the subject and would like to find a neanderthal bone. He ultimately wants to find a neanderthal hand-axe. These people have been lost to time and he is curious to find out more.

He explained that the total amount of neanderthal artefacts would fill only a small bucket.

Amazing who you might met when out photographing “things”.

I intend to carry on with this and feature more people I bump into when out photographing Norfolk with the intention of basing a bigger project around it in the future.

Post last updated 12/02/2020

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