Pre Wedding and Engagements

Boyfriend holding up his girlfriend at Wells Next the Sea for a pre wedding photograph

Couple hand in hand at Lynford Hall during there pre wedding photography session

Pre wedding photograph of couple arm in arm at Gresham's School in Norfolk

Couple cuddled up on beach in Norfolk for their pre wedding shoot

Pre wedding photograph of couple at Whitlingham Lake in Norwich at dusk

Pre-wedding photograph taken at Sheringham Park in Norfolk

Pre Wedding Photographs

I include the option to have a pre wedding photography session with wedding package 1, 2 and 3. It’s unlikely you’ve ever been professionally photographed before and you’re not quite sure what to expect on your wedding day. One of these sessions will answer all those questions. I’ll explain the best way to stand and guide you throughout. The sessions can last up to two hours at a location of your choice. I suggest two to three months before your wedding day. Couples find these shoots fun and the time will fly by. At the end, you’ll have at least 20 high quality images of you both to keep. There’ll be included on your USB with your wedding photographs in high resolution. You’ll be able to make unlimited prints of them. Each image is individually edited by myself to the same high standards as your final wedding photographs. If you want to use any for your wedding I’ll email them to you.

These sessions take place Monday to Thursday. The location will be up to you, but I’ve found it’s best to go to a place you have a connection with. If you’re not sure, I can help you with lots of great places to go. With regards with what to wear, smart casual always works well but, whatever makes you comfortable is fine by me.

Check out the photographs below and don’t missing the surprise wedding proposal and engagement photographs at the end.

Surprise Wedding Proposal and Engagement Photographs

Rick is in the US Navy and lives in the States with his Norfolk born girlfriend, Victoria. Both were in the UK on holiday visiting Victoria’s family. The rest you can probably guess from the photographs below. The proposal was a complete surprise and Victoria didn’t even notice me quietly taking my camera from my bag as Rick reached for the engagement ring and went down on one knee. We spent a short time after walking around Cathedral Close and along the River Wensum taking some photographs to remember the day. Some of those follow.

The moment boyfriend reaches for engagement ring to ask his girlfriend to marry him

Surprise wedding proposal as boyfriends goes down on one knee to ask girlfriend to marry him

Boyfriend on one knee holding a ring asking his girlfriend to marry him

Shocked girlfriend having surprise wedding proposal in Norwich

Boyfriend placing engagement ring on girlfriends finger

Couple hugging eachother after getting engaged in Norwich

Fun photograph of couple during pre wedding shoot at Norwich Cathedral Close

Couple kissing after the surprise engagement against a Wall at Norwich Cathedral

Couple in a Weeping Will gazing at each other near the River Wensum in Norwich

Fun pre wedding photograph next to River Wensum in Norwich

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