Salthouse Beach Norfolk Coastal Photography

Salthouse has been described by Sir Richard Attenborough as one of the finest places in the world to see wildlife and I’m sure he’s right. But as someone who could bump into Godzilla on the beach and not know what he saw, in many ways this fine place is wasted on me as I’ve never been interested in photographing animals, yet! However, when it comes to photographs of the beach count me in. These photographs were taken on a Fuji X-E2.

The same metal spikes from two separate angles.

Salthouse Beach, Norfolk coastal photography.

I prefer the first image at the natural lines draw you into the photograph.

The second image I like due to its simplicity. It has only four elements. The sky, the sea, the beach and the metal spikes.

Norfolk fine art coastal photography at Salthouse.

Walking along the beach and looking inland at the Norfolk countryside. This shot below offered balance (I’m drawn to natural symmetry) with the three stakes in the beach. None of those verticals cut into the horizon!

Looking back inland from Salthouse Beach.

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