Ketteringham Hall Wedding in Norwich

Open Air Humanist Ceremony

If you didn’t know it existed you could easily miss this location for your humanist wedding or reception. This venue allows those looking for an alternative traditional wedding the opportunity for a open air ceremony in the woods. If you’re looking for a reception location in a large marquee this could be what you’re looking for. It offers a picturesque location with lots of parking and you’ll not disturb anybody.

Rosie and Jack choose this location for their open air wedding ceremony in the woods. This offers a totally unique alternation to a traditional wedding. The location has lots of space and pretty open air places for photographs and Ketteringham Hall is an ideal back drop. The wedding reception was held in a large marquee followed by traditional wedding speeches before the evening reception began.

The bride laughing together with her bridesmaids

The bridal party arriving at Ketteringham Hall

The bride being walked into the woods with her father and the bridesmaids

A grooms man playing the guitar entertaining wedding guest

The groom waiting for the bride to arrived at Ketteringham Hall

The bride arriving at the wedding ceremony with her father

A young guest watching the wedding with her father holding her

A reading during the wedding ceremony by a guest with bride and groom holding hands

Open air wedding at Ketteringham Hall in Norfolk

Five bridesmaids smiling watching the wedding ceremony

Open air humanist wedding ceremony at Ketteringham Hall the bride and groom facing each other

A younger guest dressed in a suit with bow tie looking cute

Groom paces a wedding ring on the brides finger at Ketteringham Hall

The first wedding kiss at open air humanist wedding ceremony

The bride a groom passing through an arch made by the wedding guests

The newly weds and guest returning from the open air humanist wedding ceremony

Wedding guest hugging the bride congratulating her

Food on trays for the guests after the wedding ceremoney

The wedding guest stood around chatting having a drink after the wedding

The father of the groom liking his photographs on his mobile phone

The groom stood messing around with his best friends

Bridesmaid taking a photograph during the wedding speeches

A wedding guest concentrating listening to the wedding speeches

The groom handing out presents during his wedding speech

The bride looking at the best man giving his wedding speech

All the wedding guests toasting the bride and groom

A marquee in the grounds of Ketteringham Hall

The bride and groom walking along a path with Ketteringham Hall behind them

The first wedding dance in marquee at Ketteringham Hall

If you value your privacy, a stunning location and something alternative, then this is somewhere I recommend that you visit.

Alternatively, you can see more wedding photographs at Lynford Hall by clicking on the link. I’m available to give wedding photography if you requirement it without any obligation.

Updated: 17 Jul 2018

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