Lynford Hall Wedding in Thetford, Norfolk

A Unique Multi Themed Inspired Wedding

Lynford Hall in Thetford, Norfolk is an amazing location for a wedding. It’s a favourite venue of mine. It has everything going for it, lots of space, a character interior and the surrounding grounds is a great backdrop for wedding photographs. Add to this lots of personal touches makes for a very special wedding.

These are some of the images from Kathryn and Chris’s day. They both love Tolkien so it was unsurprising there was going to be a elfin theme (mixed in with some Japanese and Scottish tradition). Chris folded a thousand paper cranes and decorated the venue with them. It’s said in Japanese legend that the maker of a thousand paper cranes is granted a wish. The wedding rings are Mokume Gane and was developed by Japanese sword smiths. No two rings are exactly the same. They were resented in a wooden box with Elfin written on it.

The small place names in wood on the table in the third photograph was made from the wood of the couples first real Christmas tree sliced up. Now that’s planning ahead! Those specially made Elfin shoes are for the first wedding dance (see the final images).

The wedding ceremony was conducted by a family friend who travelled from Scotland (you’ll notice her ceilidh dancing with the brides mother below) having been granted special permission to conduct the wedding ceremony. Both Kathryn and Chris wrote their own wedding vows on parchment scrolls that they read out during the ceremony.

Kathryn’s totally unique and one off wedding dress was made by her mother (along with the bridesmaids dresses). The first dance was choreographed to “The Frog Chorus”.  It was months in the making and the guests were truly entertained and appreciated the effort. This was followed by a huge ceilidh dance. The amount of preparation made before the wedding amazes me and it made the day unique. You can browse some of the photographs from this wedding below.

Bridesmaids relaxing with a glass of wine laughing together

Mokume-Gane wedding rings
Mokume Gane wedding rings

The brides mother helping adjust the grooms tie

A portrait of the groom at Lynford Hall holding his cream top hat

The bride helping her brother with his button hole as her wedding dress in done up by her mother

The back of the brides wedding dress

A look of surprise and shock as the bride has her wedding dress done up

Two bridesmaids taking a selfie in the dresses

Bridesmaid walking down the aisle smiling at the mother of the bride

The wedding ceremony begins at Lynford Hall

The bride reading her wedding vows from a parchment scroll

The first wedding kiss

The wedding recessional bride looking astonished open mouthed at a bridesmaid doing the same back

The groom and grooms men comparing their pocket watches

Special elfin bread for the wedding guests

A portrait of the bride and groom at Lynford Hall posing with their dog

A fun wedding formal picture one guest not wearing the right socks

Wedding confetti being thrown over the bride and groom

The wedding cake topper in the image of the bride and groom

A guest enjoying the wedding speeches relaxing on a chair

The brides brother giving a wedding speech

The grooms wedding speech

The best man giving his wedding speech

The bride saying a few words during the wedding speeches

The top table raising their glasses to toast the newly weds

The groom laughing during the wedding speeches watched by a smiling bride

The bride and groom hand in hand walking off into the grounds at the wedding venue

Bride and groom in the grounds of Lynford Hall

The bride and groom by the lake facing each other

Bride and groom cutting the wedding cake

A gentle start of the first wedding dance with the bride and groom

A life of the bride by the groom during the first dance

Wedding guests looking at the first dance and laughing

The bride pulling the groom back who is on one leg balancing

A comedy moment during the first wedding dance

Part of the choreographed first wedding dance

Face to face the bride and groom on the dance floor

Bride and groom dancing their routine

Bride and groom hug after their first wedding dance

Large group ceilidh dancing at evening wedding reception

Groups of wedding guests ceilidh dancing

The mother of the bride ceilidh dancing at the evening wedding reception

A message of congratulations to the bride and groom

Bridesmaid concentrating leaving a message for the bride at groom at Lynford Hall

Some of the unquiet preparations created by the bride and groom.

Part of one thousand folded paper cranes for good luck made by the groom

Some of the one thousand cranes that were spread around decorating Lynford Hall.

Special Elfin (Tolkien theme) wedding table panner

A parchment scroll table plane with a touch of Elfin.

Table decoration made by the bride and groom in Elfin

Specially made elfin shoes for the first wedding dance

If you’re planing on getting married at Lynford Hall I can totally recommend this wedding venue.

If you would like to see some more photos I’ve taken please have a look at these wedding photographs at St Giles House in Norwich city centre.

Updated: 17 Jul 2018

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